The voluntary journey undertaken by muslims to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina is known as Umrah.

This spiritual journey cleanses off the past sins of a soul and becomes an opportunity for seeking forgiveness from Allah (subhanahu wata ala). It also marks a pilgrim’s devotion and sanctity towards the Almighty.

 Although a pilgrim can seek countless blessings during umrah yet it is neither an equivalent nor a substitute for Hajj, rather it is termed as minor pilgrimage.


  • DAY 1— The group will jet off to Jeddah . AC Deluxe buses will transport the group to Mecca hotel. After accessing the hotel and checking in the tour guide will take the group for Umrah
  • DAY 2— Set off for Haram Sharif
  • DAY 3— Ziyarat at local shrines in the supervision of tour guide
  • DAY 4— Offer prayers at Haram sharif
  • DAY 5— Visit Haram sharif and perform 2nd Umrah at Masjid Aisha with assistance of tour guide but pilgrims have to manage their own transportation
  • DAY 6— Perform 3rd Umrah and visit Masjid Aisha but pilgrims have to manage their own transportation
  • DAY 7— Offer prayers at Haram Sharif and/or explore Jeddah as per your convenience
  • DAY 8— Pack your bags as we going to Medina
  • DAY 9— After accessing Medina & set to visit Masjid e Nawabi
  • DAY 10— Set off for Majid E Nawabi
  • DAY 11— Set off Masjid E Nawabi
  • DAY 12— Offer prayers at Masjid E Nawabi and/or explore Madinah as per your convenience
  • DAY 13— Offer prayers at Masjid E Nawabi
  • DAY 14— Offer prayers at Masjid E Nawabi
  • DAY 15— Pack your bags, reach the Airport and take your flight back to India.
    Note : – Mentioned Itinerary are tentative and may be change as per group or by the company


  • Direct Flight of Economy class (Southi Airlines,Air Arabia,Quatar Airways,Air India,Vistara Airlines,Srilankan Airways & Indigo Airline)
    Umrah visa with insurance
  • Stay in the hotels (08 nights in Mecca + 06 nights in Medina)
  • Distance till Mecca hotel from divine boundaries is 500 M
  • Distance till Medina hotel from divine boundaries is 500 M
  • Indian cuisine served by Indian chiefs
  • Arrival at Jeddah, Our Transport pickup & drop at Hotel of Makkah
  • Tour guides will be assigned for ziyarat tours of Mecca and Medina
  • AC Deluxe buses will be provided for transportation
  • Umrah kit with charges applied
  • Laundry facility
  • Local staff at your service


  • GST 5% & TCS 20%
  • Additional charges apply on excess luggage
  • Tour operator\guide will not be held accountable for any kind of loss
  • Facilities, services and amenities which are not indicated in this package
  • No restitution or refund is applicable on unutilized or unused services
  • Refund cannot be claimed if the stay is curtailed

Note (Terms & Conditions )

  • This Budget package does not include any level of luxury  
  • Vaccination certificate indicating that the person is fully vaccinated
  • Any variation in airfare or visa fee will have to be paid prior to departure
  • No child fare applies in low cost/ budget airlines
  • Budget Umrah Package (Each room will accommodate 5 to 6 pilgrims)
  • Hotel rooms in Mecca will have attached bathrooms
  • Riyaz Ul Jannah’s permit is not included in our package. We can process at the time of applying visa but we do not guarantee. Saudi government has been launched the app name of NUSUK, on which you can go personally and take the permit of Riyaz Ul Jannah.
  • Hotel with identical or similar qualities and amenities will be provided in case the assigned hotel happens to be inaccessible due to unforeseen reasons
  • The distance from Masjid e Nabawi and Haram Sharif till hotel may differ on different platforms ( we calculate distance from the boundary of Haram sharif and Masjid e Nabawi up to the hotel)
  • Tour programs and tours dates are tentative and subject to change without any notification.
  • Tour operator/guide will not be held accountable for the loss of luggage
  • Laundry service will be provided 2 time in Mecca and 2 time Madina
  • Fixed timings should be followed for Ziyarat and meals
  • We will not be held responsible for Loss or Theft of passports or luggage at Airports.
  • Pilgrims requiring wheelchair are suggested to carry their own wheelchair